Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 300

Woo hoo! It's Day 300!

I didn't practice yesterday. The sad truth is, I haven't been getting enough sleep. With my existing sleep deficit from the camping trip last weekend, I was growing deeply exhausted as the week progressed. Yesterday, I woke up at my usual time and realised that I just couldn't do it. I went back to sleep.

So last night, I went to bed early. Since I already go to bed early by most people's standards, it felt silly turning in even earlier (it was still light out). But I managed to get to sleep, then I woke up in the middle of the night thinking it was time to get up (because I had been sleeping for about 5 hours already). But I had a good night of sleep and I'm feeling better this morning.

I had a low key practice this morning. I've scaled back to the original 'short form' and added a series of neck and shoulder stretches to my routine. They really seemed to help . I'll do this for a few days and see how it works for me.

I'm struggling to maintain my CR while working this office contract. While I made a vow to only eat food I bring (and not to spend a penny at the variety of junk food vendors on site), there's something about sitting at a desk for hours on end that makes me *hungry*, actually physically famished. I know it's not the tremendous energy expenditure (though perhaps it is, just from the stress. ug.).

In reviewing my food diary over the past week, I discovered that I had forgotten to add my lunchtime samosa into my calculations *oops*, so I was eating about 200 more calories than I thought. I know this doesn't sound like a lot, but it does explain why I've *gained* weight this week when I was hoping to shed a couple of pounds.

For the next week, I'll try to stick to a weight loss level of CR. My goal for the moment is to lose 2lbs. Then I'll re-evaluate and see how I feel.

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alfia said...

Not only it is day 300, but it's been more than a year for you! Congratulation!