Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 298

The camping trip was really a mixed bag. By Thursday night I was freaking out because nothing was packed, I need to go grocery shopping and I hadn't prepared any food. I woke up in the wee hours on Friday to pack and shop for food. On a whim, I headed to Canadian Tire (it's like an 'everything store') to buy a new tent and a fancy schmancy air mattress (the latter item absolutely *transformed* my camping experience; I've never slept so well in a tent). Yes, the era of the 1-man 'pup tent' has ended. I knew that the pup tent wasn't waterproof and rain was forecast.

Sure enough, Friday afternoon, we arrived in a rainstorm. I managed to get my new (roomy! fabulous!) dome tent up in a lull before the torrential downpour resumed. In another lull, we put a tarp up and that's where we ate supper: under the tarp. But Saturday dawned sunny and fabulous and stayed that way all day, despite an 80% forecast of rain. I went for a long hike, swung in my hammock and visited with friends.

Saturday night? Rain. Sunday morning? More rain. Breaking down camp in the downpour was less than fun and we left early, missing out on a full day of potential outdoor activity (hiking! canoeing! hammock-swinging!), had the weather been better.

Sunday night, my balcony was covered - in fact, it's still covered - with soaking wet, muddy camping equipment. And now I have no time to pack it up. Egad. I may get to it on Wednesday.

As for yoga, Friday was a moon day, Saturday was my day off. Sunday? An army of Ashtanga Enforcers could not have dragged me to my mat yesterday. I was numb with exhaustion and slept all afternoon and into the evening.

This morning, I was on the mat by 4:15, doing the short form - the very short form since I scaled back this morning. I'm unhappy with my shoulder, with my practice, with my weight (I've put on at least 5 lbs).

Alas, I really have no time to do anything about it. So I'm doing what I can.

My new mantra: “I will do my best”

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