Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 287

I woke up early this morning all excited about my day: I had plans with a group of friends to drive out to a conservation area for a beach picnic, kayaking and hiking. But instead, I checked my email and discovered a message from the organiser canceling the entire excursion because she woke up in the night with a sore throat.

So instead of practising yoga, I spent my time on the phone, making sure the friend I had invited didn't get on the subway to travel to my place so we could rendezvous with the carpool.

Seriously, who cancels a relaxing excursion to the country because of a sore throat? And just a few hours before the departure? Six people were suddenly stuck with potluck food and no plans for the day. Yes, I feel bad for my friend, but she often overreacts to small things and I'm certain that this was one of those times.

I finally did my practice - quickly breezed through the Swenson short form with little enthusiasm. By that point, it was later in the morning and I was hungry for breakfast. I felt like my routine had been usurped by all the confusion and I was in a mood. I just didn't engaged with my practice.

In the afternoon, Umbrella Girl and I carried out Plan B: we rode the ferry to the island and hiked around, had a picnic under a big tree and laid around on the beach. In the end, it was good day. Any day that includes rhubarb tarts is a good day. :-D

Shoulder is feeling a few degrees better. I skipped shoulderstand and headstand again. I'm finding that supine twists are soothing and use them to replace problem poses in the series.

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