Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 293

So what's up with all the sore left shoulders in the Cyber Shala these days? I have one. Alfia has one and so does Chitta Vritti. I did a search for 'shoulder injury' on the EZBoard and a bunch of relevant posts came up. Is it all the Chaturanga Dandasana we do?

I didn't take the muscle relaxants last night and woke up in quite a bit of pain. It immediately diminished after I did a few simple stretches. Now, it feels absolutely fine. I guess my shoulder tightens up overnight - I will probably take the muscle relaxants for a while longer, just so my sleep isn't affected.

After I picked up my weekly supply of Samosas at the farmer's market this morning, I went to the studio early and did my own practice before my students arrived. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed practising in this environment - I really love the energy it brought to the room for my class afterward. I did the short form and played around with headstand. I can come up with no problem and hold the pose, but half-bend puts too much pressure on my shoulder. I decided not to do shoulderstand at all today.

I know it's not traditional, but I'm seriously considering moving my 'day off' to Sunday. Since I teach on Saturday, it makes a lot of sense for me to do my practice on this day. Sunday is my routine 'day of rest' in every other respect and it would be nice to have a full day off free of all commitments, yoga included.

After class today, I did something very fun and, for me, out of the ordinary: I went shopping for clothes. I lost quite a bit of weight last year and had to replace my 'casual' winter wardrobe. Thanks to a 'skinny phase' I went through a couple of summers ago, I had some shorts and skirts that fit me (well, they're a little too big, but they look okay) for casual wear this summer. But I no longer own any 'work clothes' to wear for my upcoming contract.

So I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), a Canadian outdoor and travel store. The work environment I will be in starting Monday is 'business casual' and I was hoping to find some comfortable, tailored travel clothing. MEC didn't disappoint! I found two pairs of stretchy, breathable slacks, and four shirts.

To round out my summer wardrobe, I bought a new pair of 'camp pants' (Patagonia pants with zip-off legs to create shorts) for my upcoming camping trip. My old camp pants no longer fit me, but I don't have the heart to give them away (I love those pants), so they're stashed away in the closet. I also bought a pair of much-coveted Keen sandals. I've been admiring these all summer and I'm thrilled to finally have a pair!

So I'm all fluttery with the excitement of New! Clothes! and enjoying a quiet afternoon out on the balcony, reading and hanging out with my dog. Perfect weekend so far!



chitta vritti said...

yes, what IS up with our left shoulders? mine is very tight and achy too when i wake up... seems that gentle moving is good for it though. it gets worse if don't practice and when i just sit a lot in front of the computer. my body worker also says it's good for relaxation and circulation to just walk, moving the arms back and forth along the sides.

take care and have a good first day on the new assignment!

alfia said...

Mine was right, which did not make it less annoying! But it seems to be better now. How about yours?

alfia said...

BTW, the shoes look awesome! I bet they are really comfortable, too!