Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 291

As I practised today, I could definitely feel an energy shift - away from self-judgment and self-pity and towards a more positive focus. As one commenter pointed out, at least I *have* my practice. For all that it's scaled back, I'm still doing far more than I was at this time last year, when I was first starting out in Ashtanga. It's all relative.

And although I'm sticking with my practice, I *am* being cautious and listening to my body. I had 5 days off when this problem first manifested and I found that the break from yoga actually made it much, much worse (which is why I did a light practice last Saturday and will likely do so again tomorrow).

Today, I felt a significant improvement. The pain is less cloying and more like an ordinary soreness. I don't notice it at all unless I turn my head a certain way. I really feel like I'm doing the right thing by working the area gently and maintaining my regular activity levels.

Yesterday I ran errands, today I worked on my to-do list of projects. I cleaned and tidied my clothes closet as I was doing laundry. I also tackled the storage closet, resolving to just do the shelf that needed the most attention. Turns out, it was the only shelf that needed attention. Everything else seems to be in good order.

I did some inner-reorganising as well. At the end of Savasana, when I dedicated the fruits of my practice, I turned the focus back on my own situation. I sent my positive energy and the fruits of my practice to hardworking ladies at my agency, who are working on finding a fabulous placement for me (Yes, Cody, I did this in my underwear! Shhhh! Don't tell them!).

I resolved to have faith that everything will unfold as it should.

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Surya said...

Didn't mean it like you don't listen to your body (how should I know?). it was just a reminder.