Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 289

Hot, sweaty afternoon practice today and boy, I wasn't happy about it. I slept in this morning, so the afternoon was my only option. It's almost, but not quite, motivation for me to get up earlier. Unfortunately, for various reasons, dawn practices haven't been in the cards this week.

I didn't do the full Primary Series today. To be honest, I haven't really done a truly 'full' Primary Series since the shoulder pain kicked in. For the past few days, the pain has kind of plateaued. I'm not sure what I should do about this. If I go to a doctor I can predict the answer: don't do yoga. But I found that taking a break from my practice only made this worse. I think it's important that I continue to move my body and stretch the area without overdoing it.

Just for today, I did the Swenson short form. I'll see how I feel tonight and re-evaluate tomorrow.

I'm not sure if it's due to my modified practice, or the fact that my work schedule has dwindled, but I've been feeling very frustrated and melancholy lately; a low-energy sort of ennui. This has made if very difficult to get to the mat, though I seem to do it every day, nonetheless. I'm sure a portion of it is related to the unhappy conclusion of my last love interest. I think I'm also feeling (as predicted) 'at loose ends' during my slow months for teaching. While growing up, my father pounded a stringent Protestant work ethic into me, so I just don't feel content sitting around.

And there are some other things - it all seems to accumulate. It's just been an odd month so far, an odd summer. Summer is usually my favourite season, so it's a shame, but I'm hopeful things will turn around soon.

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