Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 297

Woke up to pouring rain and thunder this morning. The dog whining outside the door of the closet to be 'let in' so she could hide away. Practice was slow, sluggish and I didn't go for my walk. I ended up leaving for work a bit early, which was handy, since I now have permission to shift to a slightly earlier schedule. I still teach in the evenings, so this gives me a bit of breathing room.

I took the dog for a quick walk around the neighbourhood before heading off to teach a class. I noticed that my favourite used bookstore is shut down. The owner was a small, strange man with a great love of the Harry Potter books. I bought all of mine from his store, including the very last book, last summer. I stopped by prior to my camping trip to see if he would cut me a break and give it to me a day early, but he was true to the hype: he made me wait until the book was officially released.

This is a photo of his cat, Emma, lounging in the window of his first store. I'll miss him, the cat, the memories and the musty, fusty atmosphere of this disorganised but beloved store.

Emma and The Bookman

Tomorrow: Moonday
This weekend: The annual camping trip in the Kawarthas. Rain is forecast - fooey! Send some drysunnyweather energy my way!

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alfia said...

How was your trip, Kai?