Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I appear to have reached out and grabbed that New Moon and now I’m swinging along, riding its energy. I feel bouncy!

I woke up before the alarm this morning and wanted to practice, so I did. It was an interesting experiment because this is the first time I’ve practised the full Primary Series on my own at home, since I started going to the Shala. It was good! No music, no recording to lead me, just my breath and the city skyline out my picture window, sunshine streaming in and Princess Fur snoozing contentedly in her basket.

My practice has changed in the past month. Everything is a little bit deeper. My hips are more open, the hamstrings have opened up a LOT. But the biggest change I noticed: Ujjayi. I breath LOUDLY. Holy! Just one month of Teacher R’s good-natured nagging (“Big Sound! Big Sound!”) has turned me into one of those loud breathers. Don’t get me wrong, there are many at the Shala who can drown me out easily, but in my tiny apartment, I could HEAR my breath.

And there were the distractions! With no teacher watching, I was much more prone to fussing and fidgeting. I managed to stay very focused right up until Supta Kurmasana. Then I was messing around with trying to get that left leg behind my back. I sort of lost momentum there. I could do it, but getting my right leg behind my back was too challenging. I ended up placing the left leg, lowering down, crossing the right ankle over left. I still managed the bind though. I’m looking forward to getting some help with this at the Shala. I think the teachers will be game for it - Teacher P was encouraging me to cross my ankles before binding the other day.

My two big breakthroughs - the wrist bind in Marichyasana D and the heel lift in Kurmasana (I almost typed ‘hell lift’ there; that’s what it feels like!) were repeatable today. I was watching Kino’s Primary DVD last night (yeah, that was my Big Excitement for Moon Day Eve - that and a hot bath). I noticed that when binding in the Marichyasanas, she tried to straighten the non-binding arm and, if possible, tuck that hand around the leg to get some leverage. I tried that today and it really made a difference in both Marichyasana C and D (C was just easier and in D, The lotus knee sank closer to the floor).

I did three backbends, which I filmed for posterity (but not public scrutiny). I also did a film of my jumpbacks/throughs and surprised myself with a jumpthrough that didn’t touch down - I straightened my legs and lowered! Kind of funny that I’m all obsessed with my jumpbacks, but it’s the jumpthroughs that are improving!


Boodiba said...

Don't forget my nacho pictures!!! :)

I have a pretty shallow breath, but I try to slow it down & deepen whenever a teacher is nearby!

Kaivalya said...

I haven't forgotten! But I probably won't have time for a Nacho excursion until next week. My social calendar is full this weekend.

Yeah, my breath is definitely deeper when the teacher is around. ;-) And I lose my Ujjayi completely during finishing unless someone harangues me about it.

Boodiba said...

We are so lucky we have great teachers!!!

Full calendar? You are lucky there too. I find myself atypically wanting to have a date lately. Normally I don't care. Must be spring time...

Kaivalya said...

Yes, good teachers make a huge difference! I really did luck out.

Dinner on Friday, going out dancing on Saturday, plus workshops on both Saturday and Sunday. I'll be a tired puppy by the end of the weekend, but a happy one.

Springtime is when everyone comes out to play here. We kinda hibernate in the winter and go wild when it warms up!

Boodiba said...

What a great weekend!!! So far the only definite plan I have is to bring my friend Dr. Crack to the bar I decided to check out Tues night. I'm sure we'll have a huge, self indulgent dinner too.

Oh well then there is Sunday practice of course. But Saturday is night is free. If I'm not getting up super early to go up to Pluto, perhaps I should get my grass skirt & spear out!

Kaivalya said...

Do you do the hula? I'd pay good money to see that! ;-)

Boodiba said...

Nope :) I was thinking about hunting for scalps / fresh victims. Dancing the hula in my jungle bunny outfit might add to my schtick though.

Kaivalya said...

Hula in a Jungle Bunny outfit would definitely raise the bar a notch. But careful with that spear! It's all fun and games until...*grin* (Cue soundtrack: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight")

When *I'm* Queen of the World, I'm gonna move the 'rest day' to Sundays. Saturdays are a much better night to go out (better 'hunting'!). And that way I won't feel like a kindergartner on a school night, dragged off to bed, kicking and screaming (and then waking up groggy for yoga the next morning).

Boodiba said...

yes... how to hunt effectively. I'm pretty damned lazy when it comes to that. But I have to face the fact that I don't have any Xs appealing enough to call. Need new blood, so to speak.


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