Friday, April 16, 2010


The ‘Decade of Awesome’ starts today! There are cupcakes in my future and probably some cheesecake too. Probably not such a good thing for my Marichyasana D, but you only turn 40 once! I’m seizing the day...and the desserts! I’ll be well-fueled for my Astanga practice next week.

Unfortunately, I’m feeling a bit battered and bruised by my ‘Lady’s Holiday’ today. I woke up feeling fragile and sore. The timing is bad, but I’m going to try to carry on with my plans. The dancing later on may get nixed - I’ll see how I feel. There is the possibility of drinks and dancing tomorrow night as well. I don’t know if I have enough energy reserves to go dancing two nights in a row. After all, I’m 40!! ;-)

I’m simply floored by the love and generosity of my friends. I’ve been inundated by birthday love over the last couple of days. I spend the morning responding to messages and taking phone calls. The next month is going to be a lot of fun, as I continue to connect with people.

I’m feeling rich in friendship and community. This is exactly what I need right now. Today, I realised that at this moment, I have absolutely everything I need to thrive. This is a good headspace to inhabit as I move into my personal ‘new year.’

Yoga practice was very low key this morning. I did 45 minutes of Yin Yoga with the Sarah Powers’ DVD. Tomorrow is a rest day and I’m attending a workshop in the afternoon. My meditation practice has been sporadic over the past week, but I managed to sit for 20 minutes yesterday. I hope to do so again today. My focus is spotty during these sessions, but I really notice a (negative) change in my mood when I skip meditation. Even a simple effort is helpful to me.


With the warmer weather, Princess Fur and I have been going for longer and longer walks. She’s not used to the extra exercise and falls deeply asleep when we return.

I’ll bet I could have completely covered her with toys and she *still* wouldn’t have woken!


Flo said...

Happiest birthday wishes sweet lady!
A great mantra "Today, I realised that at this moment, I have absolutely everything I need to thrive."
And princess fur is so so freaking adorable!

Moving Meditation said...

The "Decade of Awesome": I *love* it!! Happy birthday!!

Arturo said...

hi Kai
happy birthay! muah! there, more loving for you. haha.

Helen said...

Happy birthday kai best wishes Helen

susananda said...

Happy birthday Kai!! I guess you have the youthful attitude and body of a yogi, I thought you were a lot younger! I had a lot of fun turning 40, and it hasn't been so bad since then ;) Bit of trivia, April 16th was also my grandmother's birthday (a wonderful woman).

Sounds like you're in a really good space! Enjoy.

patrick said...

Did you and I know that we're the same age? 40 and I shall become acquainted two weeks from Monday. Hah! We can compare notes--did they show you the "secret handshake" for entering the Decade of Awesome? ;-D

Elizabeth Pope said...

Huge happy birthday wishes!! You ARE just getting more & more awesome!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Kai. I am still here but busy with the homeschooling. I just read a bunch of your posts. Glad all is well. M