Friday, April 9, 2010


I didn’t sleep well last night and I couldn’t figure out why I was so cold! I woke up to put a wool hat on, then around 3 a.m., I finally put the electric blanket on the bed because I was *freezing*. When I left for the Shala, an icy blast of wind and snow hit me. That’s when I figured it out: It’s COLD.

The flurries continued off and on for the rest of the day. Even in Canada, this is weird weather for April. Yuck. And brrrrr!

I had a weird day. The street cars were not running when I left the shala, so I had to walk to the subway in the biting wind. I stood in a long line-up at Tim Horton’s for my ritual Friday hot vanilla cappucino, only to discover I didn’t have any money on me (a kind stranger behind me paid it forward, then later on, I discovered five dollars in my wallet *facepalm*). Then I came home to a nasty-gram from my horrible superintendents. And my noon class was unsettling.

When I finally got home, I flew the white flag of surrender and just took a nap.

I had a difficult time waking up this morning and straggled into the Shala late. It was busy today! I was feeling a bit wobbly, so I took it easy during the sun salutations and focused on my breath. This got me back on track and I moved through the practice smoothly.

The adjustment in Prasarita Padottanasana C was intense today. My feet have been too wide in Parsvottanasana - I need to narrow them a LOT. I don’t get adjustments in Baddha Konasana anymore, so I’ve been working my Bandhas in that pose to get my chest and chin to the floor. I’m still kind of floored that I can actually do that!

Oh, and apparently the thumb needs to be firmly on the big toe in Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana. That will be a tough habit to break (my thumb kind of likes to hang out in space in that pose). Teacher R had to remind me twice.

I rolled Chakrasana three times, all on my own. The first two were a bit shaky and for some reason, only my left arm was pushing up straight. By the third one, I rolled smoothly. I skipped the one after backbends. My neck is feeling better and better these days. I think I’m just about over that little hump.

The teachers are leaving me alone with my backbends right now. I’m doing five: for the first three, I drop my head to the floor in between repetitions. Then I take a rest for five breaths (if I stay there too long, Teacher P says: “No sunbathing!” *grin*), then I do two more. I walk my hands in each time. I’m trying to lengthen and smooth my breath as I hold the backbends.

By the time I finish, my heart is pounding in my chest. The other day, I lowered from my last backbend and Teacher R asked me how many I had done. I was too overwhelmed to answer her in English so I held up my hand like a little kid demonstrating her age: five fingers. *pant*

I’m back at the Shala on Monday. This is Kino weekend and I’m really excited!


This week’s Princess Fur photo is from the archives:
Princess Fur has a rebellious side! I love how amused she looks in this photo. If she had a middle finger, she’d be flipping it!


susananda said...

OMG.. I was there Monday and it was 25C AT LEAST, and Friday you had snow?!?! That is WEIRD... thanks to my Mom for being born the right weekend!!

I think the thumb should be around the toe in contact with the fingers in all toe-grabbing poses, it forms a seal, like when we use the mudra in padmasana breathing. Prasarita padottanasana is another place people like to let their thumb 'hang out'.

Oh and thanks, I have a new line to make my classes giggle, since I let them go in their own time for BBs - 'no sunbathing!' Haha :)

Jen Stevenson said...

Love love love the pic of "princess fur". Made me laugh and made my day. It's something I would do. I'm so defiant sometimes....

babs said...

It is cold here too. Burrr. Love the dog picture! So funny!

Hope you are having a better day.

Kaivalya said...

Yeah, the 'thumb police' have nabbed me in Prasarita D too, come to think of it!

The weather has warmed up again, but it's still coolish.

Absolutely everyone ignores that sign - it's on the grounds of an apartment building. The law allows renters to have dogs, but the landlords try to convince people that it's not allowed. Hilarity ensues. There's a 'No Pets Allowed sign in my lobby'. I should get a shot of Princess Fur with that one.

Thanks! :-)