Saturday, April 3, 2010


I finally located a bike shop that carries Halo headbands, but just my luck, it’s out in the far east end of the city. Given that I almost *never* go out there, I kind of gave up on the whole idea. And then, today, I realised that I had plans for afternoon tea in that area so I was able to stop by on my way.

When I told the lady behind that counter that I was buying this for yoga, she looked REALLY confused. I ended up getting the headband that ties in back(rather than the one-size wrap-around version). I’m afraid I’ve gone from a ‘Baron Baptiste’ look to ’The Karate Kid’ but at least it’s more inconspicuous in black:

Here’s a close-up of the sweat-channeling band on the inside of the headband:

And here are the specs (yes, specs. I’m a nerd, so there MUST be geekery!):
-Double-layer construction with Dryline Fabric and...
-VisaEndurance anti-microbial wicking fabric (containing silver Ions which prevent the growth of bacteria)
-Patented SweatBlock Technology (basically, a rubbery plastic strip that seals to the skin, channeling sweat away from the face)

Here’s a hilarious graphic of an unhappy guy with sweat streaming into his face and another, happier, guy with sweat streaming down his neck instead. Choose your misery, I say!

(click on the image for LIVE ACTION sweat!
The animated gif hasn't died yet, folks!)

I’ll try it out tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

I’m on the easy schedule today: yoga lite.

Tonight, I did the Schiffmann shoulder sequence, then I did about 7 minutes of easy vinyasa with a video from Dashama Gordon, one of the YouTube CelebraYoginis. I signed up for her 30-day yoga challenge: each day, she offers a short (10 minutes or less) video on her site. This is great for people who have never done yoga before. I give her props for introducing yoga to people who might never try it otherwise.

As a teacher, it’s interesting to see how someone else sequences and teaches asana.


Anonymous said...

Karate Kid...bwahahahaha!

I can just see you picking up for a jumpback and thinking to yourself, "Wax on!" :D

Boodiba said...

I like a regular, old bandanna, tied round the head.

Kaivalya said...

Isn't there a remake of the Karate Kid movie coming out? I'm right in fashion!

I tried that initially, but it kept coming off. It's what I use at home, though.

Boodiba said...

Ah... I don't always use one truthfully. It's only if it's super hot in the summer that the sweat really drips in my eyes, and more shalas have climate control now. Used to be shut windows in the height of summer... Now only the spa type places seem to survive in NYC.