Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Moon Day, so no Mysore practice, as the Shala was closed.

I had big plans to sleep in, but only managed to sleep until about 7 a.m. I did lay in bed for a while though, and enjoyed the novelty of not getting up to rush around.

Moon Days are on Wednesdays this month, so I’ll be able to use up the last two classes on my studio pass, attending Teacher IM’s Astanga I/II classes in the mornings. This is such a treat for me, a ‘teaching development opportunity’ as much as a practice.

IM is one of the best teachers I’ve ever studied with - he was a senior teacher long before I had even contemplated applying for YTT. It’s a pleasure to listen to him lead a class and I always pick up things that I can apply to my own classes. He’s been very inspiring to me as a teacher.

Poor guy had his hands full this morning! He works hard! He offered me several suggestions for postures (Wider stance and square those hips in Parvottanasana and he gently encouraged me to lift up, lift up, lift up! in jumpbacks). I got that terrific adjustment in Marichyasana C, on both sides.

Then I watched him work compassionately with a student who was brand-new to Astanga. Talk about teaching multiple-levels! There were many ‘middling’ students, bookended by two more advanced, with a raw beginner in the mix.

I enjoyed the class and I really like this studio. I always set up by the window where I can see the sky (and there are no Driste police to stop me from gazing at the clouds drifting by!)

Urdhva Dhanurasana was good this morning. I only had two opportunities to do the pose, but I was able to hold it for a long time. 15 long breaths for the first hold, at least 10 for the second. I even experimented with rocking my body a bit, making sure to rock forward on the inhale, back on the exhale. I’ll need to do this if I’m ever going to stand up from that backbend!


I wouldn’t mind ‘smuggling years off my figure’. I might need to after Friday!

Maybe I should buy one of these to wear at the Shala! It will go great with my dorky headband!


Flo said...

I love mixed mysore and asthanga classes. I learn SO MUCH. I am very much a kinda-beginner since I am coming back to the practice and only working up to bhujapidasana. But being in a room with good energy makes the practice awesome!
Great job on the urdva D's!

Claudia said...

Yes, I am always amazed at how the juggle, sometimes I see Eddie teaching third series poses and then back to the back of the room to teach someone surya namaskar, amazing!, and beautiful. So good to hear you are connecting with the teacher!

Kaivalya said...

It was fun being in a regular studio class again after a few weeks in Mysore-style. It really is a different kind of practice. I can see how the self-practice element of Mysore would not work for some people.

Since all the classes I teach are the typical 'led' type, it's fun to hear another teacher's cues.

IM and I go way back (though I'm still not sure he really remembers me!)

I'm surprised by how easily I've adjusted to the Mysore room and connected the two teachers there. Perhaps because I'm there so much, I've developed a lot of trust in a very short time.