Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sundays used to be lazy lazy, but not so much these days. This morning, I slept in a bit and woke in a panic at 8:10. Technically, I’m supposed to leave for led Primary by 8:30 on Sundays. I raced around and made it to the Shala with 5 minutes to spare.

When I walked in, Teacher R took one look at me and said: “Wow, did you get your hair cut?” I was very, very tempted to say something like: “No, I just blow-dried it this morning” or something equally snarky, but I was too sleepy to conjure any enthusiasm for sarcastic humour. It *is* really, really short. I finally measured it and it’s less than an inch. Except on top, near the front it’s longer. It’s very tidy though. There was no Orangutan Hair after today’s practice!

We had a full house for the led Primary and it was HOT in the room. I was sweating buckets! I had a good practice and enjoyed it. I never expect adjustments during a led practice, so I was delighted with each one I received. I was particularly grateful to get a post Urdhva Dhanurasana squish. I work so hard on those backbends, the squish is a special reward for me.

Each week, I set an intention for my practice; something I want to focus on and work hard at. Last week, I was working on a consistent Driste. This week, it’s lift-ups. My goal for the week is to always, always lift up. Even when I’m tired. Even between repetitions of NAVASANA. *tortured wail of despair*

Seriously, I’m *this* close to jumping back without the toe-cheat. I did it once last week! I’m strong enough to do it, I just need to get the knack. I’ve been combing YouTube for video inspiration. I want to be light and floaty too!

Bandhas, Bandhas, Bandhas!


The Internet Asks: Interesting Searches in My Access Stats

I haven’t checked my site stats in awhile. I’m always amazed by how many people visit my blog. The search terms are pretty funny this week. Here are a few (search terms in bold, my response below)

i hate ashtanga
I used to hate Ashtanga too. That’s what brought me to the practice: my aversion to it. I wondered if this aversion might have something to teach me. I found that the more I did Ashtanga, the more it grew on me. I have learned a LOT and I’m still learning.

backbend heart open tired
This is *exactly* how I feel after 5 Urdhva Dhanurasana in the morning. Add “and I wish I didn’t have to do Chakrasana now” and that would totally sum it up!

1 percent practice 99 percent theory
It’s called graduate school. Frankly, I prefer Ashtanga! ;-)

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