Monday, April 5, 2010


Today, I had my first mini-meltdown since the Big Life Change of last week, though it wasn’t much of one and could certainly be attributed to an ordinary ‘off morning’ in an otherwise fine day. Yeah, let’s call it that.

When I arrived at the Shala, I had my ‘grumpy face’ on. Though I moved through my practice with focus and intention, there was definitely a little bit of an ‘I-don’t-want-to-be-here’ vibe in my demeanour. It wasn’t a great practice. But I didn’t skip anything and I gave adequate effort to every pose. I certainly wasn’t pushing myself though.

Then I went home and went back to bed for two hours. It’s a holiday here so I didn’t really have anyplace to go, plus it was raining, which made me sleepy. The nap felt good and I’m officially caught up on sleep now. And I outlasted my bad mood. I can’t wait to see which Kai arrives on the mat tomorrow! Will it be Gung-ho Kai or Grumpy Kai? Stay tuned!

My neck is very sore today. I know exactly why too. In led Primary yesterday I tried each Chakrasana, only managed to roll one. In one of the failed attempts, my legs flopped to the right and I kind of rolled in that direction. Ouch.

By yesterday evening, the discomfort had crossed the line from ‘something I can work through’ to ’something that needs some healing time’. So there was no Chakrasana for me today, though I did everything else (and a modified Setu Bandhasana). I felt better after I practised, which is a good clue that asana practice will iron out some of the tension. But this is not the week to work on Chakrasana.

I’ll keep doing self-massage and neck exercises, hot baths and heat rub. Maybe even another does of muscle relaxant tonight (that usually does the trick)

I need to be careful of how I sit, though. Sitting in my window seat (alas, my favourite spot!) seems to aggravate my neck and may even be contributing to the problem.


Our 70s Yoga Pin-up girl looks a little worse for the wear today.

Looks like Kareen woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

The washroom is down the hall to the right, hon (and next time, you may want to opt for a tank top instead of a turtle-neck).


Boodiba said...

She's got hat head!!

I tend to keep my eyes shut through a lot of my practice when I don't want to be there. Down dogs in the suryas? Lights out!

Kaivalya said...

Yes, and you can see her roots! ;-)

I sometimes do that in Down Dog too. I think I could fall asleep in that pose. Can't get away with it in the other poses though - the teachers always catch me.

I think I'm the Lazy Driste Queen!

Boodiba said...

Ah well the driste police aren't paying attention on Pluto... It'd be funny if I tried to get through a vinyasa w/out opening eyes, but I'm already gimpy enough. Could hurt myself :(

susananda said...

Oh dear, I hope your neck and mood are better tomorrow! A mini-meltdown over the BLC sounds kinda healthy though...

I totally forgot that it was actually all rainy this morning. I spent a couple of hours in bed doing 'rainy day reading' before I got around to practising, but when I was about 2/3 through my practice I heard my brother come in exclaiming about the weather. Cue Susan picking up mat and finishing practice on the back porch :-)