Monday, August 24, 2009


Morning practice today, but not a great one. I have a lot on my mind and sadly, I let my worry interfere with my practice. I was rushed, so I cut my practice short at half-primary.

Somewhere around the Marichyasanas, I turned off the recording of Sharath, which I've been practising with to hone up my vinyasa, and went solo. It was nice - really nice. In fact, the silence smoothed away some of my anxiety.

I seem to go through phases with this. I've gone through periods of practising with DVDs because I work harder, hold the poses for the right duration and don't get off track (that's where I've been for a couple of months now). While other times, I find that practising in silence (or with music), led by my own breath, works better for me.

No judgement, both methods are good.

My Lady's Holiday is on the horizon. I know it is because I'm feeling pudgy and I've been struck with 'weepy PMS.' I was on the subway with the dog this morning and she was getting abundant attention from all the dog lovers around. When the friendly dog lovers left, I was horrified to find myself on the verge of tears...over strangers! I was feeling sentimental because they were so *nice*. Same thing happened later when a polite child asked if she could pet my dog. She was so gentle and caring that...*sniff*. Ah...crazy hormones!

Because of my impending Lady's, I haven't signed up for Sharath's workshop yet, and don't know when I will. I'm aware that I may miss my chance - some of those days are probably sold out already. Next week would probably be fine. My plan was to go on Sunday, but I have a feeling that Sunday is out.

I'm feeling unmotivated and lethargic, so I don't feel like making decisions, which isn't helping.

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