Friday, August 7, 2009


I did an early morning practice today. It's amazing how I can motivate myself when I have a sufficiently exciting carrot dangling in front of me (beach! beach! beach!). My abs are still tender, so I took it a bit easy and did a 45-minute class from Yogadownload, 'Hip Opening Flow #2' with Lisa. I'm appreciative of the different time durations for these classes. I can choose a longer or shorter one to fit the available time I have for my practice.

Then, beach day!

Years ago, when I was still working for Acme Beverage, I used to get a benefit called 'summer hours.' In return for working an extra hour the first four days of the week, Friday was a half-day. I would go in early, leave at 11 and be at the ferry docks by noon, ready for an afternoon of sand, surf and sun (okay, not so much surf, but plenty of the other two). The beach isn't crowded on Fridays and the line-ups for the ferries are short.

We took our time heading to the ferry today. We stopped at the Café and shared banana pancakes. I filled my tires at the bike shop and we browsed one of my favourite independent bookstores, which is closing at the end of the month. All stock 20% off. I found a great muscular anatomy book (more soon - it's awesome!)

The beach was all the usual fabulousness. It was actually coolish, which made sunbathing pleasant because it wasn't unbearably hot. I'm now brown as a bean, even with the thick layer of SPF 45 sunblock I applied before going out. It's my good Italian breeding! The e coli was only 30, but I didn't swim. The water was far too cold.

On the way home, we almost got hit by a commercial bus. I met up with the driver at the station where I was brusquely told by the driver that she had honked so I would 'get out of her way.'

Ahem... Obviously *someone* has not studied up on the Share the Road traffic laws of my city. Well, she probably will after she gets ticketed for aggressive driving. I reported the incident to the police and filed a report today. They take this stuff seriously.

I'm all about compassion and kindness but don't run me down with your goddamn bus.

Still, it was a good day. And it's supposed to rain all weekend, so I'm glad we got out and enjoyed the sun while we could.


Arturo said...

i think bus drivers where i live must be very compassionate. they have to deal with cars, pedestrians, mopeds, motorized rickshaws and bikes. with respect to motorbikes, it's a way of transportation for 2 or 3 people. they can haul mountains of bottles, an entire family of 4, construction materials, construction workers with hard hats on, flower arrangements, anything. they move slowly, so no one is at risk. the rack on the back of a bicycle is the seat of your friend, preferably a slim one. i marvel at the balance of the cyclists.

SC Karen said...

"I'm all about compassion and kindness but don't run me down with your goddamn bus."

Very very quotable! Thanks for that comment.

The driver knew she was in the wrong and didn't want to admit it. That's why she lay the blame at you.