Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I woke up this morning to a crystal clear sky and bright sunshine. I fuzted around the apartment, thought about the day ahead (I didn't have any classes to teach until the evening). I looked at the weather: cooler temperatures and rain for the rest of the week. I decided to seize the day, a spontaneous beach day. For all I know, this may be my last opportunity for the season.

Within a half-hour, my knapsack was packed with a towel, bathing suit, books, and a picnic. The dog hasn't been to the beach yet this summer, so I took her along. By 11, I was on the ferry and by 11:15, I was practising yoga under the trees, with the city skyline to my back and a vista of sun-sparkling lake in front of me.

I did a Yogadownload practice (Shoulder Opener #1, 40 minutes, with Dawnelle), did the closing sequence and later on (on the beach), I did the Schiffman shoulder sequence. Lots of shoulder-opening today and I could really feel it.

The beach was absolutely fantastic! It was sunny, but there was enough of a breeze that it wasn't too hot. The e coli counts were very low. I was in and out of the water all day and there were waves on the lake! We had mini-breakers coming in, which was good fun.

I folded my yoga mat in half for the dog and left her in a down-stay at the edge of the water while I was swimming. At first she was anxious, but after I had come in and out of the water half-a-dozen times, she figured it out and calmed down.

She was like a queen on her throne, watching the world go by and accepting pats from well-wishers. Another dog went by and she didn't break her 'stay' - I'm so proud of her!

I lazed around all afternoon, reading and listening to music, came back in on the 4 o'clock ferry so I would have time to get ready for my class. The dog slept all the way home - I haven't seen her this exhausted in a while. She enjoyed the beach, especially the running around and barking part. ;-)

Perfect day! I couldn't ask for better.

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