Sunday, August 30, 2009


My Lady's Holiday hit me today like a tonne of bricks so I laid low all day, waiting for the right window of opportunity to practice. It never really came.

Finally, in the evening, I did 45 minutes of Iyengar-style Restorative practice, using the notes I took at the Yoga Fest last week. Ah yes, *those* notes. The ones that look like architectural plans:

It was great! Putting together these precise configurations of blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters was such an engrossing process that it completely distracted me from how awful I was feeling (well, that and the Internet).

It was a bit like constructing a piece of furniture from Ikea: intricate diagrams, a lot of head-scratching and those few stray pieces laying around at the very end (”Where does that second strap go again?” "I have an extra blanket - is that bad?")

Forget Sanskrit. I think these poses need new names. Like BÅKKBJENND or SÅSVÅSJANNA.

By the way, my new name is SKÄI

What is your new name? Find it here, then join me in SÅSVÅSJANNA ;-)


Michelle said...

I love restorative yoga with all the props myself. Since my "ladies operation" last september, I haven't had to do it because I don't feel terrible anymore. Yeah. Oh, my new name is Myssell.

Kaivalya said...

I think I had more fun re-arranging the props than I did actually doing the poses!