Thursday, August 6, 2009


Great day! I taught two classes, walked to the Big Park with the dog and did my yoga practice in the sparkling sunlight. I meandered through full Primary and yes, my abs *still* hurt. A lot. I was having all of these 'ouchmyabs' moments. These served as not-so-gentle reminders which poses require core strength. Apparently, most of them. Especially Garba Pindasana. Ouch.

But the flip side: Urdhva Dhanurasana felt GREAT!

I'm in a good mood this week.

Do you remember 10 days ago, when I kept bursting into tears during my practice and I couldn't stop crying? Well, this week I'm having the opposite problem. I'm happy! Happy, happy, happy! And it's not like everything is going *that* well. I'm actually pretty stressed out about money these days. Worried about about my teaching schedule. Concerned about my relationship. But still, I'm happy. And, in part, it's because I'm doing lots of yoga, spending time outdoors and teaching. I'm doing all the things I love doing.

This time last year, I was better off financially, but I was overscheduled and stressed out, hated the office I was temping at, and I didn't have time for my practice (and then I got sick). I guess I'm just ridiculously happy not to be in that situation again, even if it means that I'm church-mouse poor. It's something to think about.


Michelle said...

I think sometimes being "church mouse poor" actually can lead to a happier life. Makes one appreciate special things such as people, time, nature, health.

Katerina Hanakova said...

I was just wondering if the Karma Diaries site is still it? Take care, Katerina from the Czech Republic

Kaivalya said...

Trouble is, 'Happy' is not useful for paying the bills, alas. But I'm working on a harmonious balance. :-)

Yes, The Karma Diaries is still alive as a private blog. I'll add you as a reader - watch your email for the invite.