Saturday, August 8, 2009


I resurrected Sharath's led Primary from iTunes purgatory and loaded it on my Shuffle today, then took my practice to the park. It wasn't nice out, but it wasn't raining either. It was gray and cool, but at least the park was quiet.

I was enjoying the fresh air and the subtle suggestion of background noise: children laughing, cars going by, a soccer ball in play. That is, until a Canadian Idol reject arrived with his acoustic guitar in hand. *sigh*

I play my guitar in the park too, so I can hardly be critical. In fact, I would have enjoyed the sound of his guitar, had he been playing quietly. But this guy sat down a few metres from where I was practising (it's a BIG park; there are plenty of benches to choose from) and proceeded to sing classic rock favourites LOUDLY.

I managed to tune him out for most of my practice, but as I settled into Savasana, I realised there was no chance whatsoever I could relax with that racket going on the background (he just got louder and louder). So I abruptly picked up my mat, called the dog and headed inside. It's probably for the best. I'm covered with mosquito welts from the beach yesterday. Not 'bites', 'welts'. If I had stayed, the mosquitoes might have carried me off! I enjoyed an indoors Savasana.

My goal for practice today was to do absolutely everything - no skips - to see where I'm at with the Primary Series. So I tried to do Janu Sirsasana C, which I always skip (ouchmyfeet). I did Marichyasana D, which I often skip (I can't bind anymore, or at least, I couldn't today). I did all the vinyasa between poses (but I always do - that’s my favourite part!). I did every single Navasana (there are five on that recording). I even attempted to do Setu Bandhasana (argh).

Tomorrow morning, Shala Central is offering a led Primary Series and I'm sort of planning to go. I want some help with a few poses and would like to get feedback on my practice. Sharath is here at that end of this month. I can't afford to go to every session he teaches, but I would like to attend one of the led Primary at least. I'm hoping the class tomorrow will give me some confidence to do that.

I went shopping today for a pair of capri-style yoga pants (so I won't need to humiliate myself by wearing short-shorts to the shala; my long yoga pants are way too warm). I ended up with two capris and two new yoga tops. All were discounted overstocks from Winners, nice clothes and I'm delighted.

The purchases are under the pretext of 'clothes for work', tax write-off, yada, yada. But EEEEEK! The money! The money I don't have! I wish I could be one of those people who 'trusts the universe to provide' but my Responsible Spending Genes always override my faith in Cosmic Abundance.

Manifest! Manifest! Manifest?

But hey! I'll sure look snazzy tomorrow as I break my neck in Setu Bandhasana!


Arturo said...

hi Kai
funny post
mosquitoes favored my skin when growing up in PR. actually, every time i visit on Xmas holidays, they are polite and leave me alone for the first day or so. then they start attacking. by the end of the trip i have welts like yours.

if you go to the beach and there is no wind, then you are attacked by the "meemees" or "no-see-uhms"- mosquitos that live in the mangroves. they can leave you red all over.


word verif ponisone (the mosquito bites are not ponisoneous)

Kaivalya said...

It must be those the meemees, then, because I had the red marks. I think I was more immune to mosquitoes when I was a strict vegetarian. I've been eating fish this year and they seem to be 'discovering' me.