Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today, I did sandwich yoga: a yoga practice sandwiched between two of my own classes. It was pretty out, so I walked up the Big Park with the dog. It wasn't quite as pretty as yesterday, but it was pleasant, a bit cool. I didn't sweat very much.

I started my practice with the intention of doing full Primary, but I soon realised that I was in a time crunch, so I cut it to half-Primary. The nice thing about the Sharath recording is that it's cut into handy little segments. There is a separate segment for the closing sequence, starting with Sarvangasana (which gives me a good excuse to skip the backbends entirely).

I was hanging out for a long time in Sirsasana, watching people walk by. Have you ever watched people walk while you're in Sirsasana? They look like they're floating and the motion of their legs looks very odd, almost circular. I don't seem to get this as much when I'm hanging out in Prasarita Padottanasana. It must be something about the inversion.

I saw a lot of dogwalkers today, most of them with 4 or 5 dogs. They're particularly entertaining. All those legs!

For fun, here's some Yoga To Go (via Yogadawg)

"The great thing about YOOOOOGAAAAA is you can do it *anywhere*"

"Yoga isn't competitive because we are the BEST!"

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