Monday, August 10, 2009


My morning practice turned into a mid-day practice thanks to the magic of procrastination. Apparently, the threat of yoga was just enough to motivate me to sweep my sandy floors (goodbye, beach!), do the cleaning and also do some actual work-work.

If my Fall schedule unfolds as planned, I'll be doing more than okay. I slotted a few new classes into my calendar, contacted clients, set up a meeting for tomorrow. My last guitar lesson is today - I'm putting the lessons on hiatus and also cutting back on meals out. Seriously, I'm not *too* badly off if these are my 'austerity measures'. I have a lot to be grateful for.

Yesterday's led class left me feeling very inspired about my practice of the Primary Series. I decided to practice with Sharath's led Primary to review and fine tune my vinyasa and transitions while it was all still fresh in my mind. I worked really hard, skipped nothing, did the whole practice according to form. Sweated buckets (the weather is finally summer-hot here). I want to learn the closing chant so I can conclude the practice properly.

For my 'take rest', I did Sivasana Relaxation #1 from Yogadownload. I've been using this to relax in the evenings before sleep and it's really nice. Since Sharath's led moves quickly, I have time for a long, drawn-out Savasana.

Some additional observations/adjustments from yesterday's led Primary:

- There are a few instances of “astau up” that I've always found confusing (post-Utkatasana and Virabhadrasana II). The 'up' refers to a lift-up into a partial handstand, timbering into Chaturanga Dandasana afterward. Not that I can *do* that, but good to know!
- It's better to do the proper form to the best of your ability than use modifications. Seriously, I couldn't get away with *anything* yesterday. ;-) Teacher R even insisted that I do reverse namaste hands (”Just do your best”) in Parsvottanasana.
- I have enough flexibility in my hamstrings to clasp my hands/wrists in forward bends. Need to start doing this in my practice.

And finally, I forgot to mention the Best Adjustment Ever. I can't count the number of times I've wished I had help in Urdhva Mukha Pachimottanasana. I was struggling with this pose yesterday. Teacher P supported my back, then squished me deeper into my straight legs (pointed toes!). It was marvellous! But the best part is, today I was able to replicate the pose more confidently on my own. I guess I just needed to form a 'muscle memory' of what the pose is suppose to feel like.


patrick said...

Haha, yes, the magic of procrastination! It had me outside for a positively womb-like Intermediate today, with humidity; I was bending in an ENVELOPE of sweat.

Glad to hear you're rocking the post-Primary practices.

Kaivalya said...

Good to hear the '7th series' is allowing you to sneak in some asana practice. ;-) I'm loving the humidity too, makes it so much easier to get the heat up!