Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 359

WoYoPracMo, Day 10.

The floors the house are shiny, soft wood. This has been an ongoing problem for me when I'm staying on the weekend because the dog slides around on the floor, scrambling for traction. A couple months passed before I was struck with the most obvious solution: I'm a yoga teacher and I own piles of yoga mats. I brought some of these mats to the house and literally covered the floors with them.

They're sticky, so they don't slide around and the dog gets plenty of traction. The floors are protected. Everyone's happy!

As an added bonus, this means I can do yoga anywhere, anytime I want to because there's literally a yoga mat available to me at all times.

Last night, it was freezing cold outside, -25 with the windchill. The wind snuck in through every nook and crack in the house, and most rooms were chilly but the kitchen was warm. I moved MB Buddha into the kitchen and practised yoga while the rice cooked. I had a nice, toasty practice, occasionally using the fridge the steady myself. I did half-primary. I cooked dinner.

An by the time I was finished, I felt toasty warm.

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