Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 353

WoYoPracMo, Day 4.

Every day so far, I've managed to do the entire short form of the Primary Series. Today, it just didn't happen. I was running errands all day. I came home with just enough time to practise before heading to the house. And then my mother called. A half-hour instantly evapourated into the ether. Argh.

This left me with just 15 minutes on the mat. I did make the best of it by doing the sun salutations and the standing poses before rushing out the door. This is far better than my normal response, which would have been saying 'screw it' and not practising at all. I seem to stick with daily practice much better when I know that skipping is absolutely not an option.


Flo said...

Which short form are you doing? I have David Swensons book and I do those on days when I am in a time crunch.


Kaivalya said...

It's the same as in the book, slightly modified.