Monday, April 4, 2011

First Day

Sheesh. I make a few slight modifications to my beloved routine and POOF! My brain turns to soup! I'm feeling completely disoriented. I even forgot to bring my yoga pants to work. I had to teach my noon class in jeans!

It was SO strange getting up early this morning and going to the shala. It's not a new experience - I did this last year for over five months - but now I have to adjust to it all over again.

To be honest, part of me misses my old routine. I liked the sleeping-in part a LOT and there's so much stuff that just goes better *before* yoga, seated meditation in particular. I need to figure out a way to make meditation work after practice (or fit it in before practice). I only sat for 15 minutes this morning and it was awful. My brain was turning cartwheels.

I had a great practice. I moved through it efficiently. From the first surya to taking rest, it was about 95 minutes. It felt a bit disorienting after months of home practice. Even though the space is familiar (and it was wonderful, being back in this room!), we were facing an opposite direction than I'm used to. My dyslexic little brain was wimpering. I'm surprised I didn't skip any poses!

The teacher, DT, was warm and very welcoming. She spent a lot of time with me and offered feedback on my postures, good adjustments, lots of alignment tips. It was lovely getting an assist in Supta K! She deepened the bind and helped me get the exit. In Mari D, she helped me move deeper into the twist and I was able to take my wrist on the right side for the first time in months (the shoulder injury has prevented this lately).

I did three long UD and then some dropbacks against the wall. Using the wall was kind of fun and felt deliciously criminal, since it never would have been allowed with the previous teachers. My back wasn't feeling very open today but I received some help with alignment. Regaining my dropbacks and deeper backbends will be a 'process' I think.

I also learned that my lack of flexibility may be making Laghu Vajrasana more difficult. DT helped me come in and out of the pose while keeping my hips further forward but arching back more deeply. She also helped me root down through the shins so I was using my quads more. I'm mentioning this because I already feel sore!

All in all, it was a good experience.


Ragdoll said...

This is lovely to read, I'm really glad for you. I hope you find a way to fit everything in and that the getting up-and-out starts to feel easier. I'm not so great at that either, despite loving getting up early to practice at home - getting up early and leaving the house straight away is not so easy!.

Loo said...

New Shala Syndrome! Even though you've been in the room before, it still counts because 1. New teacher! and 2. facing a new direction! So HOORAY for first day of school! PS nice photo!

Arturo said...

is that your pic? doesn't matter. it's a beaut.