Monday, April 11, 2011

I need a shoe horn

I always emerge from my Sunday 'day off' feeling stiff and gummy. Today, I felt like this:

I'm *not* going to blame the Indian buffet I went to on Sunday. Nope! No siree...

Practice was two-and-a-half hours this morning. I tried to move through the first part of my practice more efficiently, aware of the inevitable slow-down starting in the Marichyasanas.

The Maris are now *work*. Hard work. There is SO much to think about in these poses. I can bind to wrist throughout, even on my 'bad side' of Marichyasana D (okay, with help - the shoulder is still a bit cranky). But...I'm now trying to wrap my brain around muscle engagement, energy movement and *lift*.

Today, as I moved into Mari C, I made a mental note to reread Blakey's book, 'The Body Has a Mind of Its Own.' This book explores the brain-body connection and explores the neurological dimensions of muscle memory.

I tried the Dwi Pada entrance to Supta K on my own today. 'Tried' is the operative word here. The reality? *legflail*

I think it was good for me to flop around a bit and see how far I could get on my own before DT swooped in for the rescue. The first challenge is getting my left leg to STAY while I coax my right leg behind my shoulder. The second obstacle is my HUGE right calf muscle, which always gets in the way. DT shoved it aside for me today and the image of a shoe horn suddenly popped into my head.

I was stiff all over today and my practice reflected this. Hopefully, things will loosen up as the week goes on.

In my second week back at the shala, I'm continuing to adjust to the 5 a.m. wakeup call, the longer practices and some *dramatic* post-practice weariness. A new weekly routine is starting to form, with afternoon naps on the days I teach late into the evening and meals coordinated around my practice.

By the end of last week, I was exhausted. On Friday, I came home from teaching my last class of the day and passed out COLD for two-and-a-half hours. Then I got up and went to the 8pm Bikram Karma class (the one I like to call the 'Gong Show'). Macadamia was teaching and it was good fun. After a week of intense practices, Bikram's felt like a good massage!

On Saturday, I returned to my home practice in the morning, doing a light Primary Series. It felt so strange to be back in my own space! DT offers a level 2 vinaysa class in the afternoon and it's included in my monthly pass. It was interesting to see DT teach in a different context. She teaches a great led class, I really enjoyed it.

Princess Fur is not adjusting to this new routine willingly. In fact, she is *incredibly* offended that I've taken my yoga practice off-site, where she's unable to properly supervise! When I walked in the door this morning, she greeted me stiffly, then marched to her little basket, turned around three times and decisively curled up with her *back* to me.

I'm a bad lady! ;-)

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Ragdoll said...

I *knew* there had to be something to get my arms through just that little bit further in Garbha! I'm sure a shoe horn will revolutionise my practice.

Hope Princess Fur is learning to forgive your absence, love the description of her turning her back on you. Sulking won't get her anywhere, I'm sure!