Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holidays and Epic Naps

I've been in 'holiday mode' for the past several days. Still practising and even teaching a bit, but everything downshifted for the combined Jewish Holidays and Easter.

Easter Friday/Monday is a big deal in this town. Most business are shut down, though the restaurants and movie theatres do a brisk trade. With Passover, there was a nice convergence of holidays, which meant 6 days off my regular schedule.

I spent much of it baking and taking marathon naps, sitting in the window seat reading (I read four books) and taking Princess Fur on epic walks around the neighbourhood (the weather was beautiful on the weekend). I also ate more chocolate than was probably good for me, had a couple good lie-ins, and even watched television!

And I practised. On Friday, I was still on LH, so I did full Primary without the closing inversions. I felt sluggish, but happy to be there. I just took everything at a slower pace. My practice took a full two hours, despite skipping Intermediate.

DT decided this would be the perfect day to crack down on my sloppy Chaturanga (and she's got a point - my Chaturanga needs work). She walked over just as I was doing a lotus jumpback and proceeded to 'bootcamp' me.

First, she showed me what I was doing incorrectly. I went through the paces in a regular Chaturanga, trying to clean things up. Then I applied this new-found information to my lotus jumpback.

Hilarity ensued: I couldn't even lift up! I managed to shove my legs behind me with a mighty grunt, then I flopped gracelessly on my stomach. DT and I had a good chuckle and now I'm back to doing lotus jumpbacks pretty much the same way I was before (baby steps!). I think my Chaturanga must be evolving though, because my triceps hurt in a new way.

On Saturday, I went to DT's vinyasa class again. This class is turning out to be very good idea. I look forward to it because it's challenging. I'm really the slow kid in this class!

When DT teaches something new-to-me (and she seems to each week), I always give it a go. Then, I rest on my belly (or my head, or my arm - whichever part I've just crash-landed on) and watch almost everyone else hold the pose gracefully for a full five counts. There's a whole world of arm balances that I'm not yet able to do and for some reason, this is very reassuring to me.

During my holiday, I managed to do just one productive thing: clip Princess Fur. She looks great, but it took hours of cuddles afterward and a few strategic treats to get her out of her grump! Here she is, mid-clip:

The Princess is MOST displeased!
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Haley-O (Cheaty) said...

Oh what I'd give for an epic nap! Princess Fur looks positively REGAL! Love her! ;)