Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ouch! New teacher, new places to feel sore. I'm really feeling it in my quads and also in my core/obliques in a big way. DT focuses a lot on the obliques in twists. I've been getting a lot of feedback and adjustments in the Marichyasanas.

I was able to bind to wrist on both sides of Mari D again today. It's so much easier with help! There's a lot going on in my shoulders. The cues are interesting for this one. DT asked me to drop the shoulders while simultaneously pulling the elbows down and toward the centre line. The twisting action originates from the sidebody (specifically, the side furthest from the bent leg).

It's a different way of working, but it works, it gets me there. I'm growing accustomed to staying in these poses for a LONG time while she works with me.

DT's approach to adjustment is interesting. I feel like I'm a piece of clay being shaped and smoothed, pushing and releasing specific points (rather than a balloon animal being twisted and moved around). Usually in an adjustment, I hold still, breathe and try not to get in the way of the teacher, it's a more passive experience. But DT's adjustments invite - even demand - participation.

I'm not saying it's better or worse, it's just different. She seems to focus on muscular actions, rather than body positioning.

There's a magic in being in a Mysore room, an alchemy of group practice. I'm doing all sorts of things I had sort of backed off from in my home practice: chest and chin on the floor in Upavista Konasana, lifting heels in Kurmasana.

The Supta K adjustments have been spectactular. I never received very much help in this pose during my stint at Shala Central, but I always loved the 'calf roping' routine at Shala North.

DT's adjustment is lighter, but just as effective. I even bound to wrist for a brief instant today! I don't think I've ever come this deep in Supta K before! DT brought both legs behind my head and I was able to lift up for the exit. I can see how this pose is an important preparation for 2nd, developing skills towards the LBH poses. I'm glad I'm getting help with it.

I realised today that I had skipped Ustrasana yesterday. As I practised it today, DT encouraged me to bring my hips further forward in the pose. She said I should be able to lift my arms out to the side and hang there.

I decided to use my 'criminal powers' constructively and I did some extra hip and shoulder openers before working on my backbends. The preps were helpful. I feel like I'm using my legs more in UD. I walked in my hands twice in each backbend, held each for 6 deep breaths, coming down to rest in between.

I'm not feeling ready for dropbacks yet. I'll know when I am. It's not fear this time - it's the sense that my back isn't open enough. I think I need to do some extracurriculars, like laying over blocks or hanging off of the bed, to get my back opened up. I'm definitely feeling energy moving in my spine these days.

My practice took 105 minutes. Not bad! I want to start arriving closer to 6, when the doors open. That's my plan for tomorrow.

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Cory said...

Thanks for sharing. In a way, that was why I was so resistant to getting a new teacher for so long. It's true - new teacher, new places to feel sore! note to self: must.remain.open.to.possibilities.

Arturo said...

"cp" haha