Friday, April 29, 2011

Droppity Drop

Aaaaand dropbacks are back! This morning, I was waiting for assisted dropbacks but the room was pretty busy, so I amused myself by doing hangbacks as I waited. I was hanging back, thinking: "Gee, the floor doesn't seem SO far away this morning." So I dropped. And again, and again.


The landings were light enough that my wrists didn't hurt and best of all, my right shoulder felt fine! It's been better and better this week. I'm doing vinyasas between poses again and adding various transitions to my practice.

During assisted dropbacks, DT let me drop all the way down to the floor, full weight in my hands and stay there for a breath before coming back up. It's harder to stand when I stay put for any amount of time, but really nice to feel the deep backbend.

Also of note, my left hamstring is fully recovered from the injury last July. I'm no longer limited in any forward bends, Krounchasana included. It's still my less flexible side, but that was always the case.

I suspect the dropbacks came back because I'm now doing the 'traditional' entrance into Kapotasana, dropping my hands to the floor (when I first added the pose, I was pressing up from the floor, from Supta Virasana).

I haven't talked a lot about Kapotasana. I've been doing it for two weeks. There's really not much to say about Kapo. It kind of falls into the same category as root canals and getting your fingernails ripped off with plyers. It's really, really hard and I'm really, really bad at it. I'm getting better, for sure, but it's abysmal, really.

The other 'big event' this week was the Dwi Pada entrance into Supta Kurmasana. I've been getting help with this every day. But again, the room was busy on Thursday, so I tried to come into it myself. I didn't quite get it, but close! I gave it a few tries, then came into Supta K my usual way and damn, it's deeper than I remember! This morning, I used the wall to steady myself and I got it! I lowered into Supta K and even lifted myself up for the exit!

Considering that I pretty much had to force myself to go to practice on Monday (I was feeling miserable that morning), this yoga week has been pretty epic!

Since I'm blogging more regularly, I thought I would reimplement 'Princess Fur Friday' and feature a weekly dog photo. Here the Princess, snuggled with her favourite toy, which she picked out herself at the petstore when she was a few months old.

She slept through the royal wedding. And I think I was probably in the middle of the Surya Namaskaras as Kate walked down the aisle. *bigyawn*

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Claudia said...

Congratulations on the floor being closer!! such a good feeling, I ma happy for you. As per kapotasana, I did not know you got it, congrats!, but I did just get a root canal on Thursday and I am still in pain, so I can relate to your analogy, at least the first one... oh dear!

Globie said...

Well done on the drop back and landing safely. Susan told me to make it about getting the control, making it my decision when to go for the floor and not gravity dictating having past the point of no return, since she said that I havn't landed head first.

I still can't fathom out the standing up part though.