Friday, July 30, 2010


Five day week (due to the Moon Day) is complete. Hurray! I got through another one :-D

This week seems to have ushered in a new era of shorter practices. For a while, my practices were getting loooooong. Too much futzing, probably too much backbending, many minutes spent in Sirsasana, and maybe a *wee* bit of ‘falling asleep’ when I was supposed to be ‘taking rest.’ It all adds up!

I seem to be back on track with more precise vinyasa and I’m moving through the Primary Series efficiently: 90 minutes, every day.

My hamstring is feeling good! The Return of the Poses continued this morning with a straight left leg in Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana A and B! I’m closer to touching my forehead to my shin in Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana.

And in my last, post-backbend Paschimottanasana, P gave me a ‘little push’ in the forward bend. This is the closest thing I’ve had to a ‘squish’ since an assistant carefully squished me at Shala North. I was able to rest my forehead on my shin and clasp my hands over my feet!

Backbending was a little bit better today. Susan pointed out that the tightness in my upper back is probably a reaction to the hangbacks I’m doing on the box. I’ll wait it out and see if things open back up again.

Urdhva Dhanurasana felt good today! I was more mindful as I came into the first backbend and there was no sensation at all in my low back. I only get three ‘warm up’ backbends now, so I milk them for all they’re worth: slow deep breaths in each one.

I had a lightbulb moment today during the first round of rocking. If I slow my breath waaaaay down, so my inhalation is very long, I can come right up on my finger tips and stay there for the duration of my inhalation. I have no idea what my knees are doing (that’s a major point of contention with R right now). P stood by and let me work on my own during this part, so I did three rocks onto my finger tips and I *did* try to straighten my legs and push down through my heels, but I’m not sure how successful I was.

Next round: With P’s help, I rocked four times with hands lifting. By the third round, I was tired, but all and all, I felt good about it.


Second practice:

I’ve fallen into a routine and I usually move through it in 30-40 minutes. This is how it unfolds:

-Shoulder openers: 3x (right now, I’m doing ‘downward facing puppy’ with hands on the coffee table).

-Quad/Hip Flexors: 3 sets of increasingly deep lunges, including the ‘power pigeon’ variation.

-Ustrasana: 3x, 5 breath hold

-Laghu Vajrasana: 3x, head on to a block, I’m *dying* by the third one and can barely come up by myself

-Urdhva Dhanurasana with rocking 3x

-Urdhva Dhanurasana, walking my hands WAY in, 3x

-Dropbacks, 3x

Last week, the daily dropbacks were injecting a bit of ‘Sheer Terror’ into my mornings - I dreaded them. By the end of last week, I had downgraded them to ‘Very Scary’. By early this week, they were just ‘Extremely Unpleasant’. Yesterday, they were merely ‘Worriesome’.

Today, they were ‘Let’s Get This Over With So I Can Have My Tea’. So I’ve raised the bar accordingly: no more resting in between dropbacks. I drop back, I get up, I drop back, I get up and I drop back.

I did three hangbacks before the first one, just to get my bearings and to register the floor, but I just dropped for the others.

Today, I was noticing how much easier it is to drop with control if I’m actively moving my hips forward. It provides a bit of counterbalance. By the third drop, I was bringing my feet a bit closer together too! That’s a nice way to end the week!


I’m taking a break from Second Practice tomorrow, though I’ll probably do some Hatha Yoga in the morning.

I’m really looking forward to Sunday!!! It’s the Shala’s ‘Led Primary’ and after-practice ‘conference’ (question and answer session). I’m bringing vegan blueberry squares for my shalamates.


A few weeks ago when I was up at Shala North, I stopped by the big pet store up the street and browsed around.

Princess Fur loves squirrels! I found a toy that’s a plush tree *filled* with little squirrels. She absolutely loves it! I fill the ‘tree’ with squirrels, she pulls them all out and hides them around the apartment (usually under the futon) then I find them and put them back in the tree. Repeat, many times a day!

Lately, she’s been carefully transporting the squirrels (and all of her toys, actually) out to the balcony.


susananda said...

Good job, sounds like you are learning some important things about getting the hips forward and working with the inhalation to come up (crucial!).

April said...

OMG super cute doggie!!!