Friday, July 9, 2010


Hooray, another six day week, complete! This summer is just flying by, but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

As I left for the Shala this morning, the skies opened up and released a warm, summer rain. It was like bathwater from the sky!

When you know you’re going to be soaking in sweat soon anyway, a little bit of water doesn’t matter very much. I smiled and enjoyed it. And I got a free bath coming home too! :-)

During my practice, I listened to the patter of rain outside and the smell of it wafting in through the open windows. It was my favourite practice of the week.

I had a magical moment in Supta Padangusthasana. At the very moment I brought my leg out to the side, a cool, delicious breeze floated over me. I wanted to stay there forever.


Since Friday is my ‘day off’, it’s often the day when all of my insomnia and pitta-over-work tendencies catch up with me. I usually crash hard! Today, I slept for most of the afternoon, curled up with Princess Fur on the bed, in the air-path of a fan. I’m sorry that I missed the opportunity to sit on the balcony with a book, but I needed the rest.

Now I’m wide awake and ready for some fun! Vegan Potluck countdown: 1 hour. One of my Shala North informants tells me that there will be plentiful food for the gluten-restricted at this shindig. I’m very excited! *happydance*

Tomorrow, I’ll post recipes for the goodies I brought.


Princess Fur has her very own fan! At night, I turn it to ‘low’ and aim it under the bed, where she likes to sleep. During the day, I put it on the balcony so she can enjoy fresh air and chill out at the same time.


BP said...

Yes! please post some recipes. The food sounds amazing.
Hari Om.

Arturo said...

dear Kai
looking forward to the recipes. i'll cut and paste and save them.

i have magical moments when my teacher gives me an assist in baddha padmasana. i'm so wrapped up with a good toe grab that i just want to stay there, pretending i'm going to do supta vajrasana, then go into the forward bend.