Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It’s wonderfully hot out right now. Steamy with high temperatures and a humidex that’s unbearable to most people and absolutely perfect to me. Since I typically spend the entire winter shivering, I absolutely live for this weather! The last two summers have been a bit disappointing in that regard. Last July, I was still wearing a medium weight coat in the mornings as I rode my bike to work. This year, I’ve finally cleaned up the balcony so I can sit outside and delight in the warmth.

Air conditioning? Who needs air conditioning. Don’t have it, don’t want it and I hope it stays this hot all summer. I’m in bliss!

The teachers posted a ‘heat alert’ on the Facebook page and brought emergency, backup Mysore rugs to the Shala. I didn’t think it was *that* dire in the room this morning, but it was definitely hot! Hot enough that the we could crack the windows and get fresh air without bringing down the temperature of the room. And I’m sure it was steamier later in the morning. I practice early and it’s usually cooler then.

The all-over body ache subsided somewhat overnight. I set another alarm to go off two hours before I usually wake so I could take some arnica, then sleep it off. I also took an epsom salt bath before heading to the shala. It was all helpful. I’m feeling less like the walking wounded today.

I had a good practice. True to my word, I tried to avoid ‘the Lazy’ in my jumpbacks and paid attention. I’m being very careful of the placement of my hands and the action of the jumpback, to protect my right shoulder. I haven’t felt a twinge there in about a week. The gremlin has moved into my left shoulderblade.

The great news is that my left hamstring is feeling better! Today, I noticed that I was feeling the stretch in the body of the muscle rather than in the attachment to the ischial tuberosity and I was able to take some of my forward bends a bit deeper. I even managed a straight-legged Paschimottanasana after my (very lame and pathetic) backbends.

I had a breakthrough in my secret project today! It’s going well! ;-)


BP said...

I am with you sista about the heat...LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

May I ask you how long do you stay in your salt bath and how hot do you make it? I've never taken a hot bath when it's going to hit 102 outside, but I tangled something up on the back of my upper leg yesterday. Unlike you, the heat is a lesson in humility for me...I'm glad someone's enjoying it!

Kaivalya said...

Just checked out your blog - love it! Looking forward to reading more.

I stay in the bath for 20 minutes - I set a timer, otherwise I bail out early. I run the water as hot as I can bear and add two big handfuls of epsom salts.