Monday, July 5, 2010


OW. My entire body is sore. I doubt an entire ocean of epsom salts would even make a dent in this. Last night, as I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep, I idly wondered if it what it would be like to submerge my ENTIRE body in a bathtub filled with arnica gel. It would be an expensive bath! And I’m already spending a fortune on that stuff.

And no, none of this is remotely related to my left hamstring. The hamstring is healing, getting stiffer by the day *sigh* and seeing absolutely no action in my practice. Hammie is effectively on holiday until further notice. The teachers are making sure of that and I’m not complaining at all - I’m aware of the necessity and I’m grateful to them for keeping an eye on it.

Amusingly, I feel like my gimpy hamstring has taken ownership of my mat. The hammie gets more feedback and adjustments than I do! As I came into Kurmasana during the led Primary on Sunday, both teachers started issuing hamstring-related directions: “Don’t push!” “You can keep your feet flat on the floor.” “Stay there.” “Keep your knees bent.”

My hamstring has its very own cheering section! *pom pom shake*

But my quadriceps are so sore right now that it hurts to poke them with my finger. If there was a misery contest, the quads would be winning.

My ‘secret project ‘ has moved into Phase II and it’s totally kicking my ass. The tenderness in my upper abdominals is finally starting to fade and its been replaced with fiery discomfort in my quadriceps, my calves, even my shins. My legs are in agony! When I got out of bed this morning, I didn’t walk so much as hobble, painfully, to a hot bath.

My practice was okay. My focus today was to be present with my breath and stay aware of Driste and Bandhas. I was grateful for assistance in Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana. I’m always worried that I’ll lose my balance and somehow aggravate the hamstring injury. P also deepened my Supta K a smidge and held my feet in place.

Jumpbacks were lazy. I need to step it up!

Backbends: My first three were very shaky; my back didn’t feel very open. The next three were better and P did an adjustment to help me bring more weight into my legs. By the third backbend, my legs were ON FIRE. Last one, I held for five breaths and just observed, trying to quiet my mind (which was screaming bloody murder).

I wouldn’t have been surprised if my quadriceps were actually shooting flames and billowing smoke as I held that last Urdhva Dhanurasana. I don’t really feel like I’m getting stronger, but I keep reassuring myself that all of this work must be leading to *something*.

Remind me why I’m doing this to myself again? Oh, never mind! ;-D


The 70s Yoga Ladies have unrolled their Persian Rugs for some lazy summer lawn yoga on the country estate. Mint juleps after Savasana!

Pointy elbow pose?!

Something tells me hip openers might have been more appropriate (but I LOVE the tights!).


Anonymous said...

I know you are Canadian but I think you would enjoy reading a new book called The Subtle Body...the story of yoga in America. It's pretty cool. The photo of the yoga ladies reminded me of it as the book talks about people like Indra Devi doing yoga with Gloria Swanson...these two look a bit like that. LOL!

Kaivalya said...

Yes! I'm excited about reading that book, but unfortunately it's not available on Kindle in Canada, so I'm waiting to get it from the library. It's on order, so hopefully soon!