Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 222

I woke early for my practice this morning. I'm still getting over this cold, so there was a lot of coughing and noseblowing happening between postures. Besides that, I eased into a good flow. Nothing very exciting to report.

My shoulder is completely back to normal. I'm not quite sure when this happened. It just seemed like one day the pain was there and the next it wasn't. Weird.

This is the last day of March - already! I can't believe how quickly this month passed by. It was a good month in many ways, difficult in others. Some emotional stuff earlier in the month brought on periods of low energy and angst - and I ate too many cookies. ;-) Lots of good stuff, too: I had 21 days of yoga practice, said good-bye to the ice rink (and skated for about an hour a day for much of the month), and relaunched my daily walks. I cleaned up my diet (again!), faithfully following my food plan from about March 10th and onward. I hope this momentum will carry me forward into the new month.

April will be a month for (hopefully) warmer weather, lots of yoga, daily walks, my BIRTHDAY (!), seasonal produce, and the Spring Debut of my fabulous, faithful, foldable, bicycle who carries me everywhere in the warmer months. Getting back into cycling will likely result in the return of tight hip flexors.

I'm looking forward to a good month! :-)

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