Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 206

Note: Tomorrow is a Moon Day and Saturday is a day off. See y'all in two days...

Yesterday was difficult. In the city, 15 cm of snow really just means 15 cm of slush. I spent the day wading around sidewalks and streets in my not-quite-waterproof Sorrels, trying to get to my classes on time. I was exhausted when I got home - and hungry in a tired, mindless, PMSy sort of way. I was eating everything that wasn't pinned down. Ladies holiday soonish, apparently.

Lately, my yoga practice has been functioning as a sort of 'anti-carrot' in my life. When I can't motivate myself to do the things I need to do, I threaten myself with yoga and I shape right up! *eye roll*

I started my day at the soup kitchen, but felt exhausted after I got home. However, faced with the prospect of doing and hour-and-a-half of yoga, I eagerly dove into my to-do list as a better alternative. Amazing...apparently, given the choice between doing yoga and cleaning the bathroom, I'll choose the cleaning. These past few weeks have definitely not represented a high point for my asana practice.

When faced with bookkeeping though, I unrolled that mat and got on with it. Apparently, yoga trumps finances. I may use the prospect of tax preparation to motivate myself the next time I need a nudge towards my Manduka.

I had a good practice, though the first 20 minutes was a bit rough. I had to turn on the heater for the first time in many weeks - not because it's particularly cold out, but because I had the window open for much of the morning. Cabin fever, anyone?

Handstands were lovely and floaty (bandhas bandhas bandhas bandhas bandhas bandhas bandhas). After I finished up, I was feeling a bit ego-y and puffed up about those handstands, so I tried to do just one more. I banged my head into the wall and fell over. Ouch my head (ouch, my ego).

Musical Sirsasana was not really so musical, but humourous spoken word: Evalyn Parry's 'Profit in the Margins'. There's 4 minutes that absolutely flew by! Hilarious!

Is it laughing yoga when I'm upside down?

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