Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 217

I usually don't blog about my night time dreaming because, quite frankly, I find it boring as hell when other bloggers do it and why would I want to inflict that on anyone else?

But this one is too good not to share. I promise not to go into exhausting detail, okay?

First, some background information. I don't have family in Canada. My family lives mostly in the States, mostly in California, and they mostly think I'm nuts for living up here, but I digress...

I do, however, have people who are 'like family' living in Canada. They are the extended family of a former partner who I still keep in close touch with. The siblings in this family have managed to produce a huge brood of children, every single one of them girls. It's like the ultimate Girl Posse. I love visiting. I'm the fun, cool Auntie who comes from the city and they adore me. All the fun of family with none of the baggage? Priceless!


In the dream, I was going out to Brampton to visit them. It was evening and I could see that they were home because the lights were on and the little girls were crowded up to the window, all inexplicably dressed in grey t-shirts with their names silk-screened in yellow (Okay, I know you didn't need to know that little detail - BORING - but I'm setting the scene here...). One of them shouted “It's Auntie -----” and as I waited at the door, I heard the oldest girl say sternly “Don't let her in! She's supposed to be doing her YOGA PRACTICE.”

Huh? Who, me? Oh yeah...well.

Okay, fine.

The alarm went off I got out of bed and got on with it. I was propelled to the mat by my dream-guilt.

It was not easy getting up in the wee hours this morning because I had a late hockey game and didn't get home until almost 11. To add insult to injury, I played a horrible game. Plenty of reason to feel sorry for myself, but no, I didn't give in to my self pity! I got up! I practised, meditated, ate breakfast and even went for long walk.

Practice was typical of the early morning: a bit stiff, no balance to speak of, a tiny bit distracted but I stayed focused for the most part.

Still working on keeping a consistent Ujjayi breath. This is much harder than it should be. I've noticed that when I manage it, my practice goes really well, so it's worth the effort. I think it's a matter of building the habit/pattern of Ujjayi into my practice and I've just been lazy about it.

I opened this entry with a boring description of a dream, so I'll close it in another, boring, clichéd, fashion: complaining about the weather, which we do SO well here in Canada.

It's -5 and another, yes ANOTHER, snow storm is moving in: 5 centimetres of snow is forecast. Go ahead, you California people, laugh at me. I deserve it for moving up here.


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