Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 139

Marichyasana D

I was pressed for time this morning because I overslept. I really tried to squeeze in the entire first series, but ended up stopping at Supta Padangustasana and doing the closing sequence because I needed time to walk the dog and get ready to teach my noon yoga class. Fortunately, transit was running on-time and I arrived at my location early. Since it's an empty room, I was able to squeeze in those last few poses (out of sequence, yes, but at least I did them). My first student walked in as I was doing Setu Bandhasana.

I had a good, sweaty, challenging practice today. I did all of the added 'push-ups' in my vinyasas. The greatest challenge is getting through my 5 Surya Namaskara A's and 5 Surya Namaskara B's. I remember when I first started this (with my Beryl Bender Birch DVD, back in June), I would collapse onto my belly, watching the people on the DVD doing these endless sun salutations and think “I'm dying here! Don't they get tired?” I quickly gained strength and the sun salutations were just a good warm-up, not a physical trial. Adding the push-up has taken me back to that point of exhaustion again. But I'm getting stronger. Today was easier than yesterday.

I had a lightbulb moment as I was working on Garba Pindasana today. I sprayed my arms with water *and* sprayed my legs. My arms when through very easily, and further than before. And I rolled. The only drawback was in Kukkutasana, the arms slipped so I had less height. Now I just need to find the middle ground.

Binding to the wrist on the right side in Marichyasana C is feeling very natural these days. The left side is coming along soon, I just know it. I'm binding to fingers in Marichyasana D and that seems to be where I'm at with that one. I don't feel myself moving further into it.

I'm feeling very comfortable and happy in the closing sequence these days. Urdhva Padmasana is very solid (when I first started, I couldn't figure out how to keep my Padmasana up in the air, I kept falling over (The answer is 'core strength'). Over the past couple of weeks, I've started doing Pindasana properly. It's now one of my favourites. It feels like I'm hiding. It's been a tough month - maybe I can just hide until the New Year, eh?

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Michelle said...

Thanks so much for adding the links again. Most times I have to look them up on my own. Good job on your progress. I admire your tenacity.