Saturday, December 8, 2007

Day 131


Yesterday was an unintentional day off, due to a rather bizarre reaction to the flu shot: It hit me like a tonne of bricks and I literally slept all day.

I wasn't feeling especially energetic today either, but I rallied in the afternoon after teaching a morning class. Instead of skating, I took a long walk and it really felt good - made me realise how much I've missed those walks. Alas, it was rough going - the trails that I walk on are solid ice.

I didn't do a Full Primary today, opting for the one-hour short form instead. It was a very ordinary practice, but in the midst of it I was struck with a deep gratitude for yoga and how it makes me feel. Into the second sun salutation, I was already feeling better. When my left hip joint finally popped in Trikonasana, something inside of me said “ahhhhhh!” Incredible, the difference it makes. You can make this stuff up. It's very real.

I'm coming up on my lady's holiday, so I'm sure some of this lethargy is due to that. I'm already feeling the physical effects.

Tomorrow is a new moon day too. Double whammy, but at least I get the day off!

Back on Monday!

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