Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 128


This morning, I hopped on my yoga mat soon after waking up, so my practice wasn't as deep as usual. But it was deeper in other ways. I felt profoundly comforted by it, after facing a very difficult evening last night. Each time I return to the mat, I connect with my truest Self, but it's off the mat that this intuition really shines.

When I'm coping with stress, I find that yoga soothes me and helps me remain centred. But yoga has also changed my personality in subtle ways. I've found that I've become less reactive and more thoughtful when dealing with conflict. It's almost as if facing difficult poses day after day is a dress rehearal for facing difficult situations and people.

I certainly could have been angry by what transpired last night. I also could have been broken with self-pity. But I wasn't (although I did feel a bit sad).

Instead, I resolved to sleep on it, with faith that an answer would come.

This gave me a chance to reaffirm who I am and how I want to live my life. I thought about who I *don't* want to be. I searched for a path of integrity in this situation and found it; a 'middle way' of sorts.

And that's how I found the courage to refuse be pressured, chastened or hurt by the actions of my family. Instead, I will carry on and do what I need to do to be true to myself. I'm being 'me.' I'm loving and generous and I know my actions will reflect this.

That's all I can do. I accept it. I move on.

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Michelle said...

That is truly wonderful. Sometimes family is our biggest adversary.