Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 126

My practice was long and meandering today because I got interrupted halfway through by a phone call (that I needed to take) and ended up chatting for awhile. But I got back to it and did the full Primary Series.

It's very cold here. I woke up to -11C temps with -20C windchill (for everyone in the States, that's 12F with a windchill of 0F). So, of course, I went ice skating and froze my ass off. ;-)

Yoga practice is particularly nice on days like this because it's *warm*. It's such a relief to feel toasty (sweaty, even!) and listen to the buzz of my little heater as I fly through sun salutations.

I'm continuing to make rapid progress in the Marichyasanas. I bound my wrist on both sides of Marichyasana C today and binding fingers in Marichyasana D is now second nature.

And here's one for the books: I actually touched my fingers together in Supta Kurmasana. Binding can't be far behind (and I definitely would have been able to with assistance).

I worked on lots of dropbacks (Urdhva Dhanurasana) today using the wall, banged my head only once. I managed to come back one time only touching the wall once, which felt like some kind of practice. I made a few movies of my efforts with my little camera. Watching them made me realise that I'm not really arching back enough before I start to drop. I guess I need to be bendier. I guess that will come in time.

I will try to post one of the clips in the next couple of days. “Dropbacks: The Movie”! Stay tuned!

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