Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 132

I had a spectacular moon day yesterday. After my shift at the soup kitchen, I went shopping for all kinds of yummy food. I cooked up a big pot of miso soup while I put everything away (the soup will last me the rest of the week). Then I put on my jammies, grabbed the special cupcake I had bought to celebrate the new moon and curled up on the futon with my computer and a good book. Cozy afternoon! Perfect!

I got up this morning inspired to have a good practice. I'm trying a new routine in regards to my morning ice skating. I've been going to the outdoor rink very early - 8 a.m. At that hour, the ice is as smooth as arena ice and there are few other people out. I skate for an hour and head home to practice afterward.

Lady's holiday comes this week, so my low back is feeling cranky. I modified a few postures and didn't go as deep into my forward bends today. I managed one Urdhva Danurasana pushing up from the mate, but it was lousy and I didn't even attempt dropbacks.

I've really been savouring my inversions lately. Sirsasana is a special favourite. I love it so much, I've been holding it for longer and longer.

I do a handstand between each Navasana. This morning, I noticed that I can kick up very naturally with either leg. I had been working on that a few months ago, but sort of forgot about it. I find it interesting that it's now second nature. Is it a strength thing from doing other poses?

I haven't been back to my teacher M's Anusara class for a very long time (since last winter). I wonder how it would feel now? Harder? Easier? Just 'different'? I'm thinking of stopping in in the coming weeks, if he's in town. Should be interesting.


Michelle said...

Your life interests me very much. It is so different from mine although we are almost the same age. I live vicariously through you some days. M

Kaivalya said...

I can definitely relate to this. It's is one of the reasons I love the internet: for connecting with a variety of people who are different from me. I know from my own perspective, it really expands my world view. I have a friend here in town who I met through blogging. Her life is radically different from mine (two kids, big house in the suburbs, etc.) and I always peer through her 'internet keyhole' fascinated and amazed by how differently (but fully) each one of us lives our lives.