Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 134

Ow. My foot.

Yesterday, while teaching one of my children's classes, I injured my foot. This injury is not yoga-related, it's leaping-around-like-a-goof related. During a game we were playing, I skipped back to the starting line, only to land awkwardly on my foot as I made my final, brazen leap.

Not exactly a 'leap to glory.'

The children were startled, then sweetly concerned. I took a few deep breaths and carried on. Nothing is broken, although I do have a *very* colourful bruise around my little toe. When I'm barefoot, my foot feels fine. It's only sore when I'm wearing shoes.

Putting on ice skates was out of the question, so I opted for a long walk instead. The journey up to the park was very slippery with snow and ice and the park itself was practically a sheet of ice. My dog slid around in her Muttluks and I struggled to keep myself upright. Between my sore foot and the ice, it wasn't the most pleasant walk.

I wasn't sure how the foot injury would affect my yoga practice. Turns out, it didn't affect it at all, except for a little bit during my exceedingly slopping jumpbacks. Not a good day to stub toes. Ouch. Everything else was fine.

I practised full series, including inversions. This will probably be my last practice with inversions for a few days, since I'm pretty sure my lady's holiday will kick in tomorrow. I can already feel the tightening in the hips. I've lost my wrist bind in Marichyasana C (though I can still do it in Marichyasana A and B). As my hips open more, the monthly hormone onslaught seems to affect them less.

I held Sirsasana for 30 breaths again. I'm planning to gradually increase the time I'm in this pose by adding five breaths every week. This seems like a reasonable goal!

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