Saturday, December 11, 2010


I still don't have my voice back, but that's okay. It's the weekend and I've just discovered chocolate almond milk at the grocery store (which, warmed on the stove translates into Vegan Hot Chocolate). Plus, I don't have anywhere to go, not that I'd want to. The forecast is for days of cold and rain. Perfect weather for a time-consuming indoor project!

So commences the next phase of Operation Going Paperless: Photos and Memorabilia.

I'm a prolific keeper of old letters, cards, photographs and sentimental schtuff. These items currently fill a large portion of my only storage closet (and I've already sorted through the collection several times before - it used to take up an entire footlocker!). I've dragged this hodge-podge from state to state, cross-country, and country to country. I'm not about to drag it province to province, so let the culling begin!

Technology has caught up with my sentimental packrat tendencies. I can now scan my memories! This month, I'll be spending lots of quality time with my new scanner and the paper shredder. My goal is to whittle it all down to two small plastic bins. If holding a document in my hands doesn't trigger a gut-wrenching sentimental moment, it gets scanned and tossed.

Practice today was in the evening. I did the Suryas and a few seated poses, then closing, followed by meditation.

I didn't want to jinx myself by mentioning it here, but I've been meditating daily for over two months. I started, as I always do, with easy five-minute sessions and worked my way up to 20 minutes. I meditate before sleeping - either before my afternoon nap or at night.

Meditation is one of those things that is hard to build a habit for, but once you do, it's tremendously helpful. I'm finally at the point where I don't skip a day. Even if it means simply sitting for five minutes, I do it. Even if I'm not feeling well. Even if I'm having a bad week (especially if I'm having a bad week). It's keeping me sane!

On Thursday, I made my triumphant return to back bending and documented it with a photograph. Urdhva Dhanurasana is not looking great, but given that I haven't been practicing it very much, it doesn't look too shabby:

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