Saturday, December 4, 2010


This weekend, my new best friend is the paper shredder, in close competition with the scanner. I completely emptied a two-drawer filing cabinet and started the arduous process of getting rid of old paper.

Why, oh why did I ever think I should keep all this stuff? It's a mystery...

By the end of the day, I culled it all down to six files of 'keep' items (stuff like my birth certificate and sentimental stuff). There's a 10 centimetre heap of items to scan for tomorrow. There's also a garbage bag full of shredded paper and another garbage bag full of paper that didn't need to go through the shredder.

The Great Purge 2010 continues!

I'm planning to shed the file cabinet (which presently lives in the kitchen, of all places!) and keeping the remaining files in the file drawer of my desk.

My life is shrinking! Yay!

Practice this morning was easy Hatha Yoga. I added a bunch of core work and hip openers to the mix. In the afternoon, my abs were sore. Already! Lazy abs! Maybe I need to do more of that tomorrow.

A fun riddle for a lazy Saturday:

Q: What does North Korea and Astanga Vinyasa Yoga have in common?
A: Driste!

Today, *my* Driste was chocolate cookies! What was your Driste? :-)

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