Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 282

I had a plan for yesterday: after meeting my lunch date, I would let the food settle a bit, then take my mat out to the park again and do yoga in the sunshine. Except...lunch date wanted to hang out. We ended up going for a walk and I didn't get home until supper time. Then I met up with another date for drinks after supper. This what happens to the best laid yoga for me yesterday.

It serves as a gentle reminder to me to plan my practices a bit better - preferably, practice in the morning. Of course, that's easy if I'm all fired up and enthusiastic about my yoga practice. If I'm feeling a bit lacklustre and 'blah' about it, it becomes far too easy to feel around for an excuse.

This morning I tackled every single item on my to-do list before finally coaxing myself to the mat for a completely unremarkable practice. But at least I did it. And at least I manage to get some stuff done. I'm counting down the days until July, when I'll very likely be working in an office someplace and wistfully reminiscing about this month, when I had 'so much time.'

But the truth is, I'm a bit bored and feeling at loose ends. It will be good to get back into a solid work routine. You're totally allowed to tease me about this post next month when I'm feeling overburdened! ;-)

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alfia said...

I am so envious... My days are a crazy mess, no room to breathe or smell the roses. You will get no sympathy with me about your boredom! :)