Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 272

Good practice today, though a bit rushed. I wasted too much time on the computer this morning and ended up with a very small window of time to walk the dog and do my practice. Then I taught classes all afternoon.

I'm faithfully doing my pick-ups with every vinyasa and I'm definitely getting stronger. Sometimes, I can even lift myself up and stay there for a second!

Lately, it's been difficult to get to the mat, but I'm happy to be there once I begin.

I've been going deep into my meditation lately, really connecting with something rich and sustaining. I guess I'm going through some spooky philosophical phase of my grieving process - make that 'grief lite' since I don't truly have anything to grieve over.

I already have two dates planned for this coming weekend, plus I'm going dancing, attending a party and participating in a group bike ride. I'm either ambitious or totally over-scheduled - or maybe a little bit of both. But at least I'm keeping myself busy!

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