Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 280

I'm trying to get back in the habit of morning practice using the Sharath CD to do the full Primary Series. Mixed results so far. I seem to be deeply entrenched in the 'lazy mentality' that comes with a slow work schedule. I've been keeping a very busy social schedule!

I was up until 1 a.m. last night after spending a great evening with friends, so the early thing just didn't happen this morning. I did use the CD but ran out of steam by the time I got to the closing sequence. My closing sequence consisted of one pose: Savasana. But tomorrow is another day...

More observations on dating (right now, dating is pretty much my full-time job, so I think about it a lot):

- The more self-aware someone is, the more aware (and compassionate and tolerant) they seem to be of other people. Those who are not self-aware seem to be naval-gazing and unfocused. I'm starting to realise just how important self-awareness is to me. In fact, it may even be a deal-breaker.

- People are frequently dishonest when dating. The lie tally so far includes: location (claimed to live nearby, actually lives far away), weight (claimed to be slender but is actually quite heavy), employment (no job, unemployed for years), orientation (claimed to be gay, but is straight and experimenting).

- People are really quite fascinating and weaving conversations out of common experiences can be very soul-satisfying. I'm greatly enjoying this aspect of the dating process.

It's been a lot of fun following Krista's reports from Mysore, particularly her synopses of Sharath's conferences. In the latest installment, I learned that I have been binding correctly in Marichyasana A and B. The wrapping arm is the grabbing arm. I've also been exciting Padangustasana incorrectly. I'm very appreciative of Krista's generous efforts to put this information up on her blog - it's very beneficial to Ashtanga practitioners who don't have the resources to go to India.


Cara said...

You sure are learning a lot about the human condition, aren't you? I think self-awareness is a deal breaker for me too. Good luck, and I hope your upcoming dates are tonnes of fun (and perhaps a little mroe honest).

alfia said...

Hi, Kai:

I liked your practice on the beach with your friend. Isn't it interesting how ashtanga, being so physical, is so different from other athletic endeavors? I was always wondering how do we compare in physical strength and stamina with other athletes, but never had a chance to do it.
Than you for the link to Krista's blog, it is very interesting!

Kaivalya said...

Cara: Yup! There's nothing like a bunch of lunches with almost-strangers to bring you in touch with humanity and all it's glory.

Alfia: From the little bit of practice I did with the trainer, I noticed that my strength was more integrated (using my whole body; different muscle groups working together) while she could do isolated things with more strength (crunches, pushups) My movements were far more graceful and fluid. There was less effort in my practice (I wasn't grunting or straining). Lots of different paths, one goal, right? Still, I like my path better! ;-)

alfia said...

I like yoga path better, too! :)