Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day 120

Another low-key short form for me today. I snuck in a few Ujjayi breaths, but since I'm still hoarse and still coughing, I didn't want to push it. Ironically, all of my classes cancelled last night because of a power outage, so I was able to go home early and rest my voice. My Thursday noon class moved to Friday. Today, I'm resting my voice for my two evening classes.

I worked on Sirsasana fairly extensively today. I've taken the pose back to the wall while I work on coming up with straight legs. Once I feel completely stable, I'll work in the middle of the room again.

So far, it's going really well! I haven't actually used the wall (for support) even once. I love the way it feels coming into the Sirsasana like this. I feel strong. I'm working on coming up very slowly and fluidly. It's very different from kicking up, or even coming up with bent knees. Half-bend is feeling easier and easier.

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