Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 113

It was so, so difficult to get to the mat today, and to get through the practice. But it was also very necessary - and comforting.

Each Sunday and Thursday morning, I volunteer at a breakfast for the homeless. This morning, a fellow volunteer, who I've become good friends with, collapsed in the washroom was rushed to hospital. We thought it was a heart attack. I'm very grateful that it was nothing more than a strangulated hernia (though painful for him). He's now resting at home with his partner.

I didn't feel like practising when I got home, but I felt pulled to my mat. My mat has been a very 'safe' place for me lately, and I wanted to dedicate my practice to my friend.

So I did. It wasn't the most energetic or strongest Primary Series I've every done, but it felt right. I know I skipped a bunch of postures and added a few (mostly Balasana and Pavan Muktasana).

I felt better when I finished. Almost immediately afterward, I got the news that everything was going to be okay with my friend.

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