Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 109

I spent all morning at the Doc's office and I bring glad tidings: My last official day on the meds will be December 2nd. The joint pain (one of the lovely side effects of these meds) I've been experiencing will fade into nothingness within a week and the other side effects will follow within two weeks to a month. By 2008, I'll be as good as new! This has been a tough year for me physically and I'm really excited about getting back to 'full strength' again.

Another milestone/sign of the season: today was the first day in six months that I didn't take an hour-long walk in the park with the dog. I achieved my goal of walking every day through September and even kept going through October. But I knew it would eventually come to an end. November is the month that it usually gets cold and (potentially) snowy here. With the end of Daylight Savings Time, it's also more difficult to fit in a walk in the evening (and usually too chilly to go out in the morning).

But, weather-be-damned and ever optimistic, I didn't bother to buy a Metropass this month, thinking I could keep riding my bike through November. You can all feel free to chastise me later on this month when I whine about how my hands are freezing on rides.

Today, I lacked the motivation to accomplish the two things still on my to-do list: yoga and laundry. So I combined them!

Loga? Yogaundry?

Here's a brief outline of a typical practice when these two modalities are combined:

Sort laundry, take it downstairs and put it in the washer.

Surya Namaskara A x5, Surya Namaskara B x4, Standing poses.

Back downstairs to transfer laundry to the dryer and bring air-dry items back upstairs. Hang up air-dry items.

Surya Namaskara B x1 (to warm my body back up) and the Primary poses. Closing sequence, a lovely Savasana and even some meditation.

Go get laundry out of the dryer. Fold it. Mindfully!

You see? I have this all figured out! Now I'm going to go kick some ass at ice hockey ;-)

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Yogamum said...

Your yoga-laundry routine is brilliant. Laundry is my nemesis.